About the BRT Standard


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The BRT Standard is an evaluation tool for world-class bus rapid transit (BRT) based on international best practices. It is also the centerpiece of a global effort by leaders in bus rapid transit design to establish a common definition of BRT and ensure that BRT systems more uniformly deliver world-class passenger experiences, significant economic benefits, and positive environmental impacts. The 2014 Standard reinforces the basic elements for bus rapid transit and makes some improvements to the earlier versions to strengthen the BRT brand.

What’s New in 2014?

• Corridor Definition
The definition of a BRT corridor has been reduced to 3 km (1.9 miles) in length to allow BRT corridors in downtown areas to qualify as BRT. These downtown corridors can provide valuable connections to the regional transit network.

• Frequency Penalties
The peak and off-peak frequency design metrics have been removed, and penalties for low peak and off-peak frequencies have been added. The setting of route frequencies was seen as more of an operational rather than a design decision.

• Emphasis on Basics
An additional point was added to each of the BRT Basic elements, creating a greater emphasis on the basic elements of BRT. The scoring of the Basics categories has been reconfigured alongside the additional points.

The BRT Standard Technical Committee:

The Technical Committee of The BRT Standard comprises globally renowned experts on BRT. This committee serves as a consistent source of sound technical advice with respect to BRT and is the basis for establishing the credibility of The BRT Standard. The Technical Committee certifies corridors and recommends revisions to The Standard as needed. 

Manfred Breithaupt, GIZ
Wagner Colombini Martins, Logit Consultoria Paulo Custodio, Consultant
Dario Hidalgo, EMBARQ*
Walter Hook, ITDP
Colleen McCaul, Consultant
Gerhard Menckhoff, World Bank (retired)*
Carlos Felipe Pardo, Slow Research
Scott Rutherford, University of Washington*
Pedro Szasz, Consultant
Lloyd Wright, Asian Development Bank*

Unless indicated by an asterisk (*), each committee member also represents his or her institution.

The BRT Standard Institutional Endorsers:

The Institutional Endorsers are an integrated group of highly respected institutions in the fields of city building, public transport systems, and climate change with decision-making abilities over The BRT Standard certification process. All have a commitment to high-quality public transport and dedication to its contribution to social and economic development. They establish the strategic direction of The BRT Standard, ensure that BRT projects ranked by the scoring system uphold the goals of The BRT Standard, and promote The Standard as a quality check for BRT projects globally. 

BRT Standard 2014 Institutional Endorsers