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ITDP has eight offices on five continents, and has worked in more than 100 cities in 30 countries. We have expertise on a number of key issues in transport and urban development, including:

Transport & Climate Change
The transport sector is one of the largest, and the fastest-growing source of CO2, and the largest source of black carbon, which is particularly damaging to respiratory health. Tackling climate change must include a fundamental rethinking of our priorities of public space and the movement of people in cities. 

Innovations in Technology & Transport
Technologies provide exciting new options for shaping the way we move around cities, but how we employ these tools can be advantageous or disastrous for our cities. With the right focus on expanding the reach of transport and reducing car ownership, we can improve access to our cities for billions.

Road Pricing
Fair pricing for road use based on demand and access is an essential tool for transport equity in our cities. Tolls, congestion pricing, and parking reform are all ways in which cities and regions can reduce traffic congestion and raise much-needed funds for improving transport. 

Sustainable Urban Development for Road Safety
ITDP works to place greater emphasis on urban design for people and non-motorized transport. ITDP can speak to proper bike lane design, the needs of pedestrians, and the important of assuring safe and equitable transport for all.

Gender & Equity
ITDP works in cities around the world to increase access to urban spaces and transport for vulnerable populations, including women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and the urban poor.

Bikeshare, Dockless Bikeshare, and Scootershare
Using data from systems around the world, ITDP has evaluated what makes a successful system and can speak to bikeshare planning and design, business and financial models, and global trends.

International Transport Policy
ITDP is an active participant in international discussions on climate and transport policy (e.g. GEF, Rio +20) and can speak to trends in the field and the importance of including sustainable transport in the global conversation.

Press Releases

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October 14, 2020
New York City

New Report: As COVID-19 Disrupts the Way We Move, Four New Tools Launched to Ramp up Walkability in Cities Globally and Improve Pedestrian Safety

September 26, 2019
New York City

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy Releases First-Ever Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Guide for U.S. Cities During Climate Week

June 26, 2019
Fortaleza, Brazil

Pune, India Wins 2020 Sustainable Transport Award for Regional Leadership in Complete Streets, Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvements, and BRT System Growth

June 25, 2019
Richmond, Virginia, USA

ITDP Awards Bronze Standard BRT Rating to Richmond GRTC Pulse

June 24, 2019
Fortaleza, Brazil

MOBILIZE Fortaleza Welcomes Hundreds of International Transport and Development Experts Keen to Replicate Road Safety Success

January 16, 2019
New York City

New Rankings: As Climate Change Risks Escalate, Many US Cities Are Still Hitching their Future to the Tailpipes of Automobiles

December 11, 2018
Santiago, Chile

Prestigiosa cumbre internacional de transporte y desarrollo sustentable se llevará a cabo en Santiago, Chile

June 27, 2018
New York City

Santiago, Chile to Win 2017 Sustainable Transport Award – Windhoek, Namibia and Curitiba, Brazil to receive Honorable Mention

May 17, 2018
New York City

New Report: As Dockless Bikeshare Systems Proliferate Around the Globe, Local Governments Must Organize the Chaos-Commuters Need Connections, Not Disruptions



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