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New York

Heather Thompson | Interim Chief Executive Officer

More about Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson has been involved with ITDP for more than a dozen years and has served on ITDP’s Board of Directors for the last eight years, with the last two years as Chair.

Ms. Thompson works with the environmental non-profit sector to design and carry out strategies with large-scale impact.  She is currently advising clients, including the Asian Development Bank, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and Environmental Defense Fund, on finding ways to help our cities and natural systems increase resilience in the face of climate change, population growth, and other development pressures. Ms. Thompson also serves on the Board of the Gehl Institute and as the Board Chair for the Global Buildings Performance Network.

Previously, Ms. Thompson was co-founder and Vice President of Programs for ClimateWorks, a network of 13 regional foundations and expert teams which promote sectoral polices to mitigate climate change. Prior to ClimateWorks, she was a Principal at California Environmental Associates, where she led the firm’s work in philanthropic strategy, covering energy and climate change, marine resource management, biodiversity protection, and land conservation. Ms. Thompson wrote strategies for leading foundations and nonprofit organizations including the Walton Family Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Oak Foundation, and WWF International.

Ms. Thompson has lived and worked abroad in China, the U.K., and Denmark. She holds a MSc in environmental economics from the University of York, U.K. and a B.S. in biological sciences from the University of California, San Diego.

Melinda Eisenmann | Chief Operating Officer

More about Melinda Eisenmann

As the Chief Operating Officer, Melinda manages finance, administration, human resources and information technology globally. Since joining ITDP in 2004, Melinda has overseen the organization’s financial management through major periods of growth, previously serving as the Chief Financial Officer and as the Director of Finance & Administration. Previously, she worked as a researcher at Hunter College on human rights and political persecution projects and as an office manager for a real estate company. Melinda also spent a semester working in Mexico with Dr. Jorge G. Castañeda, ex-Foreign Minister of Mexico and then presidential candidate.

Melinda has lived and studied in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. She holds a master’s degree in international affairs with a specialization in international finance from Fordham University.

Aimée Gauthier | Chief Program Officer

More about Aimée Gauthier

Aimée manages ITDP’s global initiatives, international policy program, leadership and innovation program, and global research and projects. She is responsible for the organization-wide implementation and alignment of programs and practices through effective communication, monitoring, and evaluation. Aimée is also instrumental to ITDP’s international advocacy, raising support for sustainable transportation and urban development from major international agencies, governments, and key stakeholders and decision makers around the world. This role is complemented by her involvement in our MOBILIZE program and Sustainable Transportation Awards.

Aimée has been with ITDP since 2003 and brings a strong technical background and in-depth understanding of the wider political and global context to her current role. In countries across sub-Saharan Africa, she has promoted sustainable transport, helped plan and implement successful BRT projects, supported the development of small bicycle-based businesses, and researched improvements to health care delivery and transportation. Aimée has been heavily involved in many of ITDP’s key publications and was an editor of the BRT Planning Guide, the BRT Standard, the Bike Share Planning Guide, the TOD Standard. She is also working on urban mobility analytics—a system of metrics for cities to use in the implementation of sustainable development policies.

Aimée has a master’s in urban planning and dual bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and political and social thought. Prior to joining ITDP, she worked at the Moriah Fund, a private philanthropic foundation, as the grants and office manager.

Kathleen Letchford | Development Director

More about Kathleen Letchford

Since joining ITDP in 2009, Kathleen has overseen resource development and fundraising for the organization on a global scale. In this role, Kathleen is responsible for crafting and executing strategies for foundation relations, as well as identifying opportunities with public and multilateral institutions for project support.

Previously, she was in charge of North American marketing and communications for FXB International, where she worked to raise support for community-based programs targeting families affected by HIV/AIDS in low income countries. Kathleen has also consulted with grassroots organizations in sub-Saharan Africa that catalyze and build local microenterprises. A lifelong environmentalist, Kathleen has held positions in the private sector and academia as a researcher and editor in areas ranging from factory farming to environmental tort. Kathleen holds an MPA in international development and nonprofit management from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service.

Ramón Cruz | International Policy Program Manager

More about Ramón Cruz

Ramón has over 15 years of experience combining international policy, sustainability, transportation, urban planning, environmental stewardship, and climate change.

Since 2009, he has been integral to ITDP’s International Policy program as an advocate for sustainable transport and urban development, building relationships with multilateral development banks, governments, and United Nations processes including the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the Commission on Sustainable Development, the Rio+20 Process, and the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport.

With a bachelor’s in International Relations from American University (Washington, D.C.) and a master’s in Public Policy and Urban and Regional Planning from Princeton University, Ramón has dedicated his entire career to environment and sustainability advocacy. His prior roles include vice president of the Environmental Quality Board (Puerto Rico’s environmental regulatory agency), vice president of Energy and Environment at the Partnership for New York City, and senior policy analyst at the Living Cities Program of the Environmental Defense Fund. He has been a consultant for the World Bank, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Michael Kodransky | Director, Global and U.S. Initiatives

More about Michael Kodransky

Michael is a transport and urban development specialist who focuses on shaping the built environment to improve economic and social conditions for people in cities around the world. He has worked with multiple levels of government in dozens of cities and countries, partnering with local and international NGOs, research centers, foundations and development banks to accelerate the implementation of sustainable transport. He is known for strategic visioning and successfully bringing together programs that span diverse teams, stakeholders, geographic areas, and time zones.

Michael first joined ITDP in Hamburg, Germany, as part of the European program. He now leads all ITDP programmatic activities in the United States, is the creator and head of the MOBILIZE program—a transport leadership platform that convenes innovative doers and thinkers from across the globe—and chair’s the Sustainable Transport Award committee. He led an international team in a USAID parking reform project in Kiev, Ukraine, and the Our Cities Ourselves urban visioning program on transit-oriented development and active transport in India, Brazil, and Mexico.

Michael has a master’s in urban planning from New York University and a bachelor’s from Cornell University.

Jemilah Magnusson | Global Communications Director

More about Jemilah Magnusson

With a more than 15-year background in non-profit communications and international development journalism, Jemilah heads ITDP’s global communications team. She oversees ITDP publications (print and online), social media campaigns, strategic promotions, and global knowledge management and draws on her wealth of non-profit sector experience as a communications advisor to ITDP’s global field offices.

Jemilah has worked in every one of ITDP’s program areas—including bus transit, walking and cycling, parking reform, climate change, and road safety—ensuring the effective transition of information between technical staff, funding agencies, municipalities, the public, and other stakeholders. She led the development and publication of ITDP’s TOD Standard and spearheaded the integration of transit-oriented development and other holistic transportation solutions into ITDP’s recognized practice areas. She is also the joint lead of ITDP’s annual Mobilize Summit and Sustainable Transport Award, which brings municipalities, innovators, and sponsors from around the world together and showcases a city’s achievements in sustainable mobility.

Before joining ITDP in 2012, Jemilah was a managing editor for United Nations–sponsored publications (Peace Child International), a journalist for The Green Guide (now part of National Geographic), a communications director for one of the oldest microfunding organizations in the United States (Citizens Committee of New York City), and a communications and event lead for renowned international and NYC-based organizations such as the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Stacy Mayers | Director of Finance and Administration

More about Stacy Mayers

Stacy joined ITDP in 2006 as ITDP’s administrative assistant. Since then, she has transitioned into working solely in the accounting and finance department. She currently works in overseeing accounts payable and accounts receivable at headquarters, as well as managing payroll. She graduated from Sacred Heart University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. She loves to play billiards and PC games.

Luc Nadal | Technical Director, Urban Development

More about Luc Nadal

Luc has led ITDP’s global urban development program since its inception in 2005. The program’s primary objective is to support governments worldwide in the creation of vibrant, sustainable, equitable cities with walking- and cycling-friendly public spaces and efficient transit.

Luc has contributed to many successful program initiatives: historic urban center revitalization in Brazil and Mexico; public space upgrades along BRT corridors in China; and transit-oriented planning in China, India, Brazil, and Mexico. In Mexico City, Luc’s recommendations led to the construction of a BRT line linking the historic center to the airport. In downtown Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Luc oversaw planning for a pedestrian-transit mall—a car-free street design that integrates walking and cycling facilities and a BRT corridor—which went on to be constructed in 2016 and is believed to be the first of its kind in Africa.

Luc is the lead author of ITDP’s TOD Standard—a tool that supports good practice in transit-oriented development. The standard has had notable success in international policy: new development regulations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the states of Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu, India, reflect the standard’s objectives, and the Netherlands’ most populous province, South Holland, references the standard for use in development planning and review.

A former practicing architect, Luc holds a doctorate (with distinction) and a master of philosophy in urban planning, both from Columbia University, as well as an architect diploma from École d’Architecture de Paris La Villette. He has taught at Columbia University, New School University, and Parsons School of Design and has written extensively about urban public space planning, design, history, and meaning.


Maxim Novichenko | Finance Manager

More about Maxim Novichenko

Maxim is primarily responsible for overseeing the accounting and reporting by ITDP’s Field Offices. Prior to joining ITDP in November of 2011, he has served as Finance and Administrative Manager of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience for almost five years. Before his engagement in the non-profit field Maxim has worked for several years in the financial services industry. He holds a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester.

Kyle Rectenwald | Senior Development Associate

More about Kyle Rectenwald

Kyle joined the Development team at ITDP in 2014. His role includes grant writing and reporting, leading individual giving campaigns, prospect research and cultivation, and grants management, as well as managing ITDP’s Salesforce database.

Before joining ITDP, Kyle worked in education and woodworking at several nonprofits. Most recently, he worked at the New York Harbor Foundation on Governor’s Island, whose primary mission is the restoration of New York Harbor. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in History and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh and is pursuing his Master of Public Administration at Baruch College, City University of New York. Kyle loves everything related to cycling, music, art, and film and you can generally find him at home listening to records or riding around New York searching for the best vegetarian restaurants.

Nneka Njoku | Communications Associate

More about Nneka Njoku

Nneka joined ITDP in April 2016 to work in communications and outreach including creating and editing written content, website management, and social media.

Before coming to ITDP, she lived in Minnesota where Nneka held a similar role at a property management non-profit specializing in affordable housing. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Law from the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota). Nneka was born in Nigeria and grew up in Trinidad, Scotland, and the United States. She is passionate about art with a particular interesting in writing, photography, and videography.

Carolynn Johnson | Partnership Development Manager

More about Carolynn Johnson

Carolynn joined ITDP in 2016. As Development Manager she raises resources for ITDP’s global programs by identifying and cultivating institutional donors, including governments, corporations and foundations.

Prior to joining ITDP, Carolynn worked at the Rainforest Alliance, where she was responsible for project design, proposal development, and partnership building for the organization’s sustainable agriculture, finance, forestry, and tourism programs across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. She has also held positions at New York City’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability analyzing data for an electric vehicle feasibility study, the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, and People for the American Way.

She holds a MPA from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and a BA from Carleton College.

Thais Lima | Knowledge Manager

More about Thais Lima

A specialist in data literacy, Thais Lima holds a MBA in Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and is currently pursuing a MBA in Web Intelligence at the same institution. Thais joined the organization staff in 2013 as Communications Manager of ITDP Brazil field office, and since December 2016 is part of the global team as Knowledge Manager.

Since 2009 Thais has been enrolled in more than 200 different projects related to mobility, transportation and urban affairs, applying communication, design, data literacy, information and knowledge management tools, approaches and methodologies.

Iwona Alfred | Program Associate, Urban Development

More about Iwona Alfred

Iwona is an urban planner with a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute and a dual bachelor’s degree in Education and Geography from Hunter College. She is interested in issues around development and sustainability in fast growing urban and rural areas alike.

Iwona is not new to ITDP, she has previously assisted with the release of the TOD Standard v. 2.1 in 2014. Before joining ITDP full time in 2017, she has also worked as a LEED consultant and a community liaison in the Far Rockaway, Queens area. Iwona enjoys a variety of interdisciplinary fields utilizing her passion for sciences and arts. After graduate school, she produced a film “Save our Seaport” for the City Club of New York which focused on development of the South Street Seaport area in the New City Harbor. As an avid photographer, she spends her weekends cycling and photographing as well as assisting with other ongoing film projects.

Christina Jang | Program Coordinator, Global Initiatives

More about Christina Jang

Christina joined ITDP in May 2017 as a Program Coordinator for the Global Initiatives Program. Her role provides support for the global team and ITDP senior management, including program and grant reporting. Prior to ITDP, Christina completed a Fulbright grant in the Northeast of Brazil and worked as an Adult Education Program Manager at New York Cares. She has a bachelor’s degree in Global Liberal Studies from New York University. Christina speaks Portuguese and Spanish, and during her free time enjoys baking, visiting other cities, and volunteering.

Graham Cavanagh | Senior Program Associate, U.S. and Global Initiatives

More about Graham Cavanagh

Graham is a city and regional planner specializing in transportation. He has experience working with municipalities, private stakeholders, and community organizations. He has collaborated on international transportation policy frameworks, complete street infrastructure designs, and community engagement strategies to enhance multi-modal integration, encourage balanced mode-shares, and prioritize public transport with active mobility (cycling and walking) to reduce urban congestion, improve safety and quality of life in cities.
Prior to joining ITDP in 2017, Graham worked with BFJ Planning on transportation studies, conducted research and project coordination via an Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellowship in collaboration with Rupprecht Consult for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) in EU cities, as well as worked with Sam Schwartz Engineering, and NYC DOT in the Manhattan Borough Commissioner’s Office. Graham holds a MS in City & Regional Planning from Pratt Institute and a BA in History of Art & Architecture from Boston University.

Lazar Nikolovski | Operations Coordinator

More about Lazar Nikolovski

Lazar joined ITDP in October 2017 as Operations Coordinator, providing operational support in the New York office. He has several years of experience in the public sector, predominantly in administrative capacity, holding the roles of Executive Assistant to the President of the Natural Resource Governance Institute and Assistant to the Macedonian Ambassador to the United Nations in New York.

Lazar, a Macedonian, holds a BA in Macedonian and South Slavic languages from the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia, as well as Master of Public Policy, from the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt in Germany. His interest lies in the fields of international development and economics.

United States

Julia Wallerce | Boston Program Manager

More about Julia Wallerce

Julia works part-time supporting multiple areas of engagement in ITDPs Boston program, including the piloting of BRT elements along bus corridors in four municipalities. She had previously served as Executive Director of MassCommute, a coalition advocating for TDM measures with 15 transportation management associations that represent over 350 businesses and 400,000 employees in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Julia is also Chair of the Transportation Advisory Committee in Winthrop, Massachusetts and serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of LivableStreets Alliance, an advocacy group that promotes innovative and equitable transport solutions in Metro Boston.

Julia has a Master’s from Tufts University in Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Washington D.C.

Jacob Mason | Transport Research and Evaluation Manager

More about Jacob Mason

Jacob manages data collection, reporting, and evaluation for ITDP globally. He specializes in strategic research that drives the conversation about sustainable transportation and development, assessing new technologies and identifying new, quantifiable ways of meeting program goals.

Jacob has been the lead researcher for many of ITDP’s most recognized publications, including the Bike Share Planning Guide, the BRT Standard, and A Global High Shift Cycling Scenario and Three Revolutions in Urban Transport, quantifying the multi-trillion-dollar savings in transportation costs and massive reductions in CO2 emissions possible through more sustainable urban transport. He also oversaw the production of ITDP’s People Near Transit report, which developed and measured an international metric for rapid transit coverage, which has since been adopted by city, national, and international governments.

Jacob has been responsible for data collection analysis—and, often, metric development—for ITDP projects worldwide, including a walkability study in five African cities and a BRT project in Nairobi, Kenya. Within the World Bank’s Sustainable Mobility for All program, Jacob co-chairs the Urban Access working group, which is developing sustainable urban transport indicators that are shared across multiple international institutions.

Jacob has a master’s in urban planning from McGill University (Montreal) and a bachelor’s in civil engineering from Columbia University.

Joe Chestnut | Transport Research Associate

More about Joe Chestnut

Joe Chestnut joined ITDP in May of 2017. His role includes work on implementing indicators to analyze organizational impact, urban growth, and walkability. Prior to his work at ITDP Joe was a research intern at The Brookings Institution in their Metropolitan Policy Program. Growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, in what is far from an urban setting, Joe has always been drawn to cities. Aside from his interests in cities and public transportation, Joe is interested in college basketball, the Food Network, and reading. He has a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Geography from The George Washington University and a master’s degree in Geography, also from The George Washington University.

Dana Yanocha | Senior Research Associate

More about Dana Yanocha

Dana’s work at ITDP includes research and analysis of trends in sustainable transportation and development. Dana recently graduated from DePaul University with a Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development, and is passionate about identifying connections between the social, economic, and environmental spheres of sustainable development with a particular interest in working with cities to craft practical solutions to mobility challenges. Prior to joining ITDP in July 2017, Dana worked for the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development in Chicago, and for Resources for the Future, an environmental economics think tank in Washington, DC. When not thinking about sustainable cities, Dana enjoys running, cooking, and spending time with her black lab mix, June.


Chris Kost | Africa Program Director

More about Chris Kost

Chris joined the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy as a full-time staff member in 2008 after being involved as a consultant since 2004, focusing on transport projects in Africa and India. In Cape Town, Accra, and Johannesburg, he assessed the impacts of proposed BRT systems on greenhouse gas emissions. More recently, Chris has been involved in projects in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Jharkhand, covering areas such as bus rapid transit, street design, parking management, and transit-oriented development. Chris has been involved in a number of TOD projects, including the Local Area Plan for Ahmedabad’s Central Business District, an updated TOD policy for BRT corridors in Pimpri Chinchwad, TOD planning efforts for Chennai’s metro and suburban rail networks, and TOD elements in Nashik’s new Development Plan. Chris now leads ITDP’s initiatives in Kenya, Uganda, and other African countries.

Before joining ITDP, Chris worked for the Transportation and Land Use Coalition (now Transform) in Oakland; the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, also in Oakland; the City of Berkeley’s Planning Department; Meyer, Mohadddes Associates, Los Angeles; and Delin Consult in Accra. Chris received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental policy from the Earth Systems Program at Stanford University.

Maina Gachoya | Transport Planning Associate

More about Maina Gachoya

Maina Gachoya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Nairobi and an Msc in Transport Planning and Engineering from the University of Leeds, where he was awarded the Arup Transport Studies Prize for academic excellence. His transport planning experience spans across numerous cities in East and West Africa. He has worked in these cities to tackle challenges of congestion, accessibility, sustainability, and social inclusion through policy reform, planning and design. A large focus of his work has sought to balance low-carbon urban growth and planning through strategies that increase the market share of walking, cycling, and public transport as essential ingredients for safeguarding quality of life and reconciling economic and environmental policy priorities. He has a deep fascination with how cities are planned, designed and operated and is dedicated to promoting the growth of sustainable transport and urban development in cities across Africa.

Mary Gitonga | Operations Manager

More about Mary Gitonga

Mary is responsible for the operations of ITDP’s Africa office. Prior to joining ITDP in March 2016, she served as a Regional Assistant Administration Coordinator for Secours Islamique France in Nairobi for three years. She has cumulative experience of over eight years working with international NGOs with operations in Kenya, South Sudan, and Somalia. She holds a diploma from Association of Business Executives, UK.Mary is passionate about making the world a better place for all.

Rose Kebut | Administrative Assistant

More about Rose Kebut

Rose joined ITDP in March 2016 and is tasked with provision of administrative support to the ITDP Africa team. She has over five years experience in human resources and administration management.Rose earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arts from the University of Nairobi. She also studied management at the Cooperative University of Kenya and the Kenya Institute of Management. She is convinced of availability of sustainable solutions to the socioeconomic problems in Africa.

Naomi Mwaura | Mandela Washington Fellow

More about Naomi Mwaura

Naomi has over four years of experience in the public transport industry focusing on prevention of sexual harassment and violence. She is the founding director of Flone Initiative, an organization that trains public transport operators in customer service, prevention of sexual violence, and professional development. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honors) from United States International University, Kenya, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration, also from United States International University.

Eng. Njeri Mburu | Transport Planning Manager

More about Eng. Njeri Mburu

Eng. Njeri holds a MBA and BSc in Civil Engineering from University of Nairobi and a Diploma Transportation Planning, Development & Management from Galilee Institute of Management, Israel. Prior to joining ITDP, she worked as the County Executive in charge of Roads and Transport in Kiambu County. Previously, she worked in the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission providing technical audit of large public civil engineering projects such as roads, dams, airports and boreholes. She has also worked at the City Council of Nairobi managing civil engineering projects designs, tender documentation, construction supervision and contract administration. In her free time, she mentors young engineering students in self development and promotes science, technology and engineering (STI) students to girls in high schools.

Cyprine Mitchell | Transport Planning Associate

More about Cyprine Mitchell

Cyprine Mitchell holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Maseno University and a Master’s Degree in Project Planning and Management from University of Nairobi. Cyprine’s passion in transportation planning stems from her love for cycling and desire for equality in the transport industry in Africa. Being one of the few female cyclists in Nairobi, Kenya, she wishes her presence on the road will encourage more women to adopt cycling as means of transport and also change the societal norms associated with women biking.


Clarisse Cunha Linke | Country Director

More about Clarisse Cunha Linke

Clarisse Cunha Linke is a Brazilian with 14 years experience in social policy, planning and implementation in Brazil, Mozambique and Namibia. She holds an MSc in Social Policy, NGOs, and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she won the Titmuss Prize. She also holds a MBE in NGOs and Civil Society from the Institute of Economics, Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil. From 2006-2011, Clarisse was one of the Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia (BEN Namibia) directors, where she played a key role in the expansion of BEN Namibia’s activities, helping it develop the biggest community-based enterprise bicycle distribution network in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2010 she was the winner of the Ashoka Changemakers Challenge “Women, Tools and Technology”.

Clarisse joined ITDP Brazil in January 2012. Since then, she has become a member of the Board of Director to the Network for Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT), Associação Nacional de Transporte Público (ANTP), Instituto Movimento Nacional pelo Direito ao Transporte (MDT), Associação Transporte Ativo, and Casa Fluminense. She also has a seat in the Advisory Boards Conselho Municipal de Transportes do Rio de Janeiro and Conselho de Desenvolvimento Urbano da Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro.

Celia Regina Alves de Souza | Financial and Administrative Director

More about Celia Regina Alves de Souza

Celia started at ITDP Brazil in July 2010 as the Financial and Administrative Director. She graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a bachelor degree in Administration. She worked for many years at the Docas Company (former Docas de Santos Company), a holding company in Brazil, as secretary to the Board and as Chief of Administrative Services. She has been a managing partner of a coffee shop and an administrative/financial manager in a store of parts for jewelry assembling. Previous to joining ITDP in 2010, she worked as the Chief Secretary of the Brazilian Equestrian Society. She loves animals and has five dogs.

Ana Nassar | Program Director

More about Ana Nassar

Ana Nassar joined the ITDP Brazil staff in November 2014 as a program director. She is a fellow of the Lead (Leadership for Environment and Development) international network since 2007. From 2012 to 2014, she worked as the environmental manager for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, responsible for the implementation of the environmental projects for the competition. She has previously worked for the British Embassy in Brazil, at the Brazilian Ministry of Strategic Affairs and at the Museum of the Person. She has been managing sustainable development projects for the past 10 years, dealing with several topics, including climate change, waste management, urban mobility, sustainable procurement, and community development. Ana Nassar holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Brasilia and a bachelor degree in International Relations from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo.

Iuri Moura | BRT/TOD Manager

More about Iuri Moura

Iuri Moura holds a Master Degree in Urban and Environmental Engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) and the Technische Universität Braunschweig (Germany), and a Bachelor Degree in Geography by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He has worked for more than five years in the private sector as an environmental analyst, developing and coordinating projects for the environmental management of large ventures in the oil and gas, transport, energy and industry sectors. He has deepened his knowledge on the subject of urban mobility in the last few years, especially on issues related to integrated planning of transportation systems and urban planning in development cities. Iuri joined ITDP Brazil in November 2014 as BRT and TOD Manager.

Gabriel Oliveira | BRT Research Coordinator

More about Gabriel Oliveira

Gabriel Oliveira is a Brazilian engineer who acquired during a 2-year exchange program at École Centrale de Lyon, France, a deep enthusiasm in urban mobility issues. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Transport Engineering, with an emphasis in Public Transport Planning. Gabriel has a special interest in urban occupation, trip generation and transit public policies, both in developed and developing countries. He is a wannabe balanced person, very fond of nature sports, leisure and elements.

Beatriz Rodrigues | Urban Development Assistant

More about Beatriz Rodrigues

Beatriz Rodrigues is a Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and is currently a Master’s student in Transport Engineering at COPPE/UFRJ. She first became involved with urban planning and transport disciplines during her exchange year at Faculty of Engineering at Porto University (FEUP), in Portugal. After that, she gained a deep interest in urban mobility, its correlation with urban planning and its impact on the population. Beatriz has been part of the ITDP Brazil team since January of 2016.

Bernardo Serra | Policy Coordinator

More about Bernardo Serra

Bernardo Serra has worked on consulting sustainability strategy and stakeholders engagement projects with companies, NGOs and government. He is graduated and holds a master degree in Economics from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. Before joining ITDP, Bernardo was project manager in sustainability strategy in São Paulo and worked with pioneer organizations in the subject such as Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Accountability, Utopies and Ethos. He has led a research for a BSR article on São Paulo’s urbanization challenges and has participated in a Sustainable Mobility publication for an infrastructure company.

Diego Silva | Travel Demand Management Coordinator

More about Diego Silva

Diego Silva holds a master’s degree in Transport Engineering from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and a bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). He is currently enrolled in the MBE in Urban Engineering program at the Polytechnic School of the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has experience in transport planning and has worked in the public and private sectors in Brazilian cities. As a transport specialist in Rio de Janeiro, he worked in the implementation of BRT Transcarioca and in the rationalization of bus lines. He has also contributed to the development of transportation operational plans for mega-events happening in the city.

João Pedro Rocha | Program Assistant

More about João Pedro Rocha
João Pedro Rocha graduated in Public Management for Social and Economic development at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) During his undergrad program he went to the University of Washington, Seattle as part of their Diversity exchange program. He is currently enrolled in the Master Program of Urban Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
Before joining ITDP, João was a technical assistant in solidarity economy at ITCP (Technology Incubator to Popular Cooperatives from COPPE/UFRJ) and worked with pioneer organizations in subjects such as Cooperative, Social Responsibility, and Low-income empowerment. In 2017, he became an International Sustainability School fellow.  The fellowship promotes sustainability and local culture in Nepal. João has a special interest in urban development policies, urban and transports data, and the sustainability of local cultures. João is very connected to nature and likes to garden.

Letícia Bortolon | Policy Coordinator

More about Letícia Bortolon

Letícia earned her Bachelors in architecture and urbanism at the University of Brasilia (UnB) and specialized in urban law at the Catholic Pontifical University of Minas Gerais (PUC-Minas). She is a volunteer of the Bike Anjo network and a counselor at the NGOs Rodas da Paz and Brazilian Cyclist Union (UCB). Leticia has been working in urban planning for 12 years. Her experience covers a wide variety of tasks related to community-based organizing around public urban policies in several Brazilian municipalities. Through this, she has acquired considerable expertise on local development, zoning, land use and occupation, housing, environmental management and sustainable urban mobility.

Rose Vieira | Administrative Assistant

More about Rose Vieira

Rose supports ITDP Brazil with financial administrative activities.

Danielle Hoppe | Project Manager, Active Transportation and Demand Management

More about Danielle Hoppe

Danielle Hoppe worked as an urban analyst in the public and private sectors in Brazil, and has also participated in urban planning-related initiatives supported by the Canadian International Development Agency in Bolivia and Honduras. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Design from the Federal University in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Before joining ITDP, Danielle was the local coordinator of the Urban Age Conference 2013, organized by the London School of Economics and Political Science in Rio de Janeiro.

Thiago Benicchio | Active Transportation Manager for São Paulo

More about Thiago Benicchio

Thiago Benicchio has been a journalist, cyclist and urban mobility researcher since 2004. He has been engaged in the last decade in many civil society initiatives, such as São Paulo’s Critical Mass events and the celebrations for World Car Free Day in Brazil. He is one of the founders of Ciclocidade, São Paulo’s Urban Cyclists Association, where he acted as the first Director between 2009 and 2014. Benicchio is the producer of the movie Automobile Society (2004) and author and blogger of Motorized Apocalypse (2005 to 2011). He is a collaborator of the news website Bike É Legal and he has attended many international events and forums throughout the world, in cities as Istanbul, Portland, Guadalajara, San Francisco, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

Pedro Bürger | Designer

More about Pedro Bürger

Pedro Bürger is a designer who graduated from PUC Rio University with an emphasis on visual communication. He has worked at many companies in strategic, graphic, and textile design. In 2013 he applied for a summer course – 100 Design Projects – at the Central Saint Martin in London where he learned how to synthesize his ideas into graphic content. Pedro is a bike enthusiast and intends to reduce growing dependence on motorized transportation.

Rafaela Marques | Communications Manager

More about Rafaela Marques

Rafaela Marques is a communication strategist professional, currently pursuing her masters in Cultural Studies at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. With a focus in Open Government, Creative Economy, Media Policy, and within the context of public policy and project development, Rafaela has 10 years of management experience in the private and public and sector work.

Rafael Siqueira | Active Transport Assistant

More about Rafael Siqueira

Rafael Siqueira holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade de São Paulo, and a post graduate diploma in Spatial Planning from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He has professional experience in developing urban mobility planning projects for private companies and public organizations in Brazil. Since 2013, Rafael has collaborated in research initiatives on active transportation for nonprofit organizations. He is currently an active collaborator at the Ape Estudos em Mobilidade (Ape Mobility Studies) association.

Ananda Cantarino | Communications Intern

More about Ananda Cantarino

Ananda Cantarino is studying communications & journalism at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. Before joining ITDP, she was a member of the Communication and Health research group (CNPq) held at the Laboratory of Communication and Health Research (LACES) at FIOCRUZ. Ananda is a popular communications researcher with a focus on youth empowerment.

Anne-Laure Datzenko | Policy Intern

More about Anne-Laure Datzenko

Anne-Laure Datzenko is studying urban planning in emerging and developing countries at the School of Urbanism of Paris (Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris). Before to join ITDP for an internship, she planned in a workshop in Beirut (Lebanon) focused on the redevelopment of the Nahr-el-Mott district and also a dissertation about the planning in San Cristobal de las Casas (Mexico) for her Master of Geography.


Richard Liu | Regional Director, East & Southeast Asia

More about Richard Liu

Richard is an international executive and urban planner with 20 years of experience in China, the US, and Europe. Richard brings a deep knowledge of transport to ITDP, having worked with ITDP since 2013 in his former role at the Oak Foundation. In that role, he developed, monitored, and provided strategic direction for a grant making pipeline and portfolio on climate mitigation in developing nations. Previously, he was a specialist with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Beijing, and a principal consultant to the American Planning Association. Richard got his start working as a planner with government agencies in Florida and Texas. He holds a bachelor of architecture from Tianjin University in China and a master of urban planning from the State University of New York.

Zhu Xianyuan | TOD and BRT Modeling, Vice Country Director

More about Zhu Xianyuan

After graduating with a Master’s in Transportation Engineering from Shandong University, Zhu Xianyuan worked in the Transportation Research Center of Shandong University, where she mainly focused on BRT systems and non-motorized transportation. She participated in many projects, including Jinan’s BRT System Evaluation, Sustainable Urban Planning, Jinan Pedestrian and Bicycle System Analysis and Optimization, and a Blueprint for Sustainability. She was also a traffic engineering teacher at Shandong University. Her work for ITDP focuses on BRT modeling, aspects of road design improvements in Lanzhou, BRT impact analysis, and research into transportation demand management policies.

Liu Shaokun | Greenways & Parking Program Manager, Vice Country Director

More about Liu Shaokun

Since graduating in Traffic Engineering from Shanghai’s Tongji University, Liu Shaokun has worked in the Huizhou Urban Planning & Design Institute (HUPDI). During his time with HUPDI, he worked as transportation planner and an engineer of road construction design, and completed numerous urban planning & transportation planning & road construction designs in Huizhou, and served as project manager in four transportation planning projects. His work won numerous awards for excellence in urban and rural planning and design of Guangdong Province in 2007. He has worked for ITDP-China since mid 2009, focusing on the NMT & Urban Planning Program. Recently, he has worked on the pedestrian facility survey and report for the city center in Harbin, and on pedestrian and bicycle facility planning and design in Guangzhou.

Shanshan Li | Vice Country Director (based in Beijing)

More about Shanshan Li

Shanshan Li joined ITDP in 2009 after graduating from Kunming University of Science and Technology with a master’s degree in Transportation Engineering. She is currently leading the ITDP Beijing office as the Vice Country Director of ITDP China. She works on urban planning and sustainable transportation projects, and has accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in planning, design, and implementation of BRT, NMT and TOD projects. Shanshan has also worked as a consultant to the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank on many sustainable transportation projects in China and Asian cities. She has worked as a project manager on the 2016 Sustainable Transport Award winning Yichang BRT as well as on NMT planning, design, implementation, operations. Shanshan has also worked intensively on the sustainable transportation projects in Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Vientiane Tianjin, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta, Johor Bahru, etc.

Bi Lei | Office Manager

More about Bi Lei

Bi Lei joined ITDP-China after graduating from Tianjin University of Technology and Education, initially as an office assistant and currently as the office manager. She has worked previously as an office assistant and translator in the Guangzhou Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd. and as an English teacher in the Guangdong Foreign Language University.

Li Wei | Senior Engineer, BRT & NMT Program

More about Li Wei

Li Wei is a traffic and transportation engineer. She has worked mostly on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and non-motorized transport (NMT) since graduating from the South China University of Technology. Li Wei worked on the planning and design of the Guangzhou BRT on a near full-time basis since 2005, as a key engineer in the core design team. She was also involved in the Harbin BRT conceptual plan and is one of the lead engineers on the team doing the detailed planning and design of a BRT system in Lanzhou.

As well as working for ITDP and formerly for the Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, she has worked as a consultant to both Asian Development Bank and World Bank-funded urban transport projects in China, and she was part of ITDP’s team working on the BRT conceptual plans in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Li Wei has also provided expert input to the ongoing re-design of corridors 1 and 6 in Jakarta’s BRT system, and was one of the key engineers working on the Yichang BRT preliminary design completed by ITDP in early 2013.

Zhu Jinglu | TOD Urban Planner & Communications Assistant

More about Zhu Jinglu

After graduating with a BA in Urban Planning from Guangdong University of Technology in 2013, Jinglu received her Master’s Degree in Urban Design from the University of Sheffield. In 2014, Jinglu participated in the urban design and planning workshop for Doncaster City Council for the waterfront area regeneration project. Before joining ITDP in 2015, she worked as an urban planner at Team Zero Architecture Design Institute, focusing on the urban planning and urban design projects within Guangdong Province. At ITDP, Jinglu works on TOD projects and communications.

Deng Han | NMT & Urban Development Program Engineer

More about Deng Han

Deng Han received his Master’s Degree in Transportation Planning and Management from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2015. During his postgraduate period, Deng Han worked for Beijing Transportation Research Center as an intern. He has participated in traffic projects such as the Construction of Traffic Model in Changchun City, traffic planning of the Haidian District in Beijing, and public transportation planning of Sanhe City. He joined ITDP in January 2015, focusing on the NMT status quo and BRT traffic surveys, and planning and design mainly in Manila, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Guiyang, and Nanning. He also did some research on cycling highways and illegal parking reporting.

Lin Xi | Transportation & Urban Development Program Engineer

More about Lin Xi

Lin Xi graduated from Chengdu’s Southwest Jiaotong University as an excellent postgraduate majoring in traffic engineering. Her thesis is primarily about the planning and design of configuration of service facilities in urban railway stations. She has worked for ITDP since 2014 as a transportation and urban development program engineer focusing on BRT programs. She has participated in many projects related to BRT in cities such as Manila, Nanning, Dandong, and Guangzhou. Recently, she works in non-motorized transportation, bike sharing, and parking programs.

Huang Benjun | Transportation & Urban Development Program Engineer

More about Huang Benjun

After graduating with a Masters in Transportation Engineering from Kyushu University in 2016, Huang Benjun started working for ITDP-China focusing on BRT modeling and traffic data.

Duan Xiaomei | Chief Technical Officer (Part Time)

More about Duan Xiaomei

Since graduating with a Masters from Shanghai’s Tongji University Xiaomei Duan has worked on numerous urban transportation projects in Guangzhou, and in other Chinese cities including Kunming, Harbin, Changzhou, and Taiyuan. She is currently Chief Engineer of the Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute and Head of the transportation section of the Guangzhou Municipal Technical Development Corp. During the last two years, as well as working on the ADB urban transport study in Harbin and Changzhou, Xiaomei has focused on the Guangzhou BRT planning and design, as the Chief Engineer and Project-In-Charge. She also reviewed many of the BRT project studies and designs in other Chinese cities, and has worked on the Lanzhou and Harbin BRT designs (both currently in development). Xiaomei is now a nationally accredited Senior Engineer, and has worked closely with ITDP since late 2004.

Hu Manying | Urban Design & Planning Program Manager (Part Time)

More about Hu Manying

After graduating with a BA in Architecture from Guangdong University of Technology in 2000s, Hu Manying worked on real estate projects in Shenzhen-GDADRI (Architectural and Design Research Institute of GuangDong Province) for three years. In 2006, she was hired by l’Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme and was involved in the Paris Velib public bicycle project. In the same year Manying received a Masters, DPEA in Urban Design from Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville. After the study in France, she joined Guangzhou-GDADRI and works as Chief Architect on a regeneration project for urban villages. Since early 2009, she has worked part time with ITDP-China, managing the Urban Design Program in Guangzhou and Harbin.

Li Shuling | Urban Development Manager (Part Time)

More about Li Shuling

Li Shuling, National Registered Urban Planner and Licentiate Member of RTPI, graduated with masters degree in urban planning from University of Manchester. Since 2011, she has participated in sustainable transportation projects in Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Yichang, Tianjin, Vientiane, and Johor Bahru. She has compiled, translated and promoted Best Practices in Urban Development in the Pearl River Delta and worked on and promoted the TOD Standard with organizations and professors from all over the world.

Chen Dan | Graphic Designer

More about Chen Dan

Chen Dan graduated from Guangzhou City Construction College where she majored in Art Design. She specializes in 3D & graphic design, rendering, and video making. Chen has been working at ITDP for two years and is involved in design and rendering in Yichang, Wanxiang, Manila, Guangzhou projects, and the graphic design of ITDP China’s communication publication.

Chen Yujun | Accounting & Communications Assistant

More about Chen Yujun

Chen Yujun graduated with an accounting degree from Guangzhou City Polytechnic University. She has previously worked as an accountant in the Miramar Travel (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and as an Accountant Assistant at Guangzhou Weihua Air Agency Co., Ltd.

Runjie Huang | Non-Motorized Transport & Urban Development Program Engineer

More about Runjie Huang

Runjie earned his Master of Science degree in Urban Planning and Management from the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, in the Netherlands. During his time at ITC, he was one of the representatives of the Faculty Council. His graduate thesis “Measuring Transit-Oriented Development Network Synergy Based on Node Typology” was submitted to the World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR) 2017 and was selected for presentation. Runjie is a bike enthusiast, and he is putting effort to promote developments of cycling lane systems in the cities of China.


Yoga Adiwinarto | Country Director

More about Yoga Adiwinarto

Yoga has been with ITDP since 2009, initially as transport specialist managing the BRT improvement in Jakarta and Pekanbaru. Over the last three years he has worked on public transport planning and operational, Demand Management, Pedestrian improvement as well as some management and financial aspects of BRT operation. He was involved in planning and preparing the operation, tender and contracts for the opening of the last three BRT corridors in Jakarta, which is now the longest BRT system in the world.

Yoga holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Institute Technology Bandung, and a master’s degree in Transport Planning from Leeds University, England, where he spent three years working in transport consultancy firm after finishing his degree.

Udayalaksmanakartiyasa Halim | Senior Transport Assistant

More about Udayalaksmanakartiyasa Halim

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University Indonesia, Udaya has been pursuing his passion in public transportation and urban development at ITDP since 2011. Over the years, Udaya has been involved in projects in many Indonesian cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Batam), and also in Vientiane (Lao PDR), Karachi (Pakistan), Baku (Azerbaijan), Peshawar (Pakistan), Dili (East Timor) and Suva (Fiji). By joining a large number of projects, he developed expertise in non-motorized transport (NMT), transit-oriented development (TOD), and transport demand management (TDM). He developed his expertise by providing technical assistance to the Peshawar NMT Conceptual Planning and the Peshawar Sustainable BRT Corridor Project, TOD planning in four given areas along the proposed BRT corridor, researching new approaches to implement sustainable low-carbon transport in the Asia and Pacific Region, devising existing parking problems in Jakarta, developing suitable parking management systems, and developing potential network of greenways and NMT improvements in Jakarta. Besides public transportation & urban affairs, Udaya also enjoys reading non-fiction, listening to Japanese music, watching movies, and riding his bicycle to work.

Rosyadah Hariyadi | Finance & Administrative Associate

More about Rosyadah Hariyadi

Rosy joined ITDP in April 2008 as the Secretary / Office Manager. Rosy received her bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Economics from National University, Jakarta in 1992. Before joining ITDP, Rosy worked as a Secretary and a Finance Officer for private companies and consultant services. She loves sports, especially badminton and volleyball.

Ria Roida Minarta Sitompul | Transport Assistant

More about Ria Roida Minarta Sitompul

Ria holds an Urban and Regional Planning Degree from Gadjah Mada University. In her final year at UGM, through her passion for public transport and urban development, Ria was involved in projects at GIZ Sustainable Urban Transport Improvement Project (SUTIP) in Yogyakarta. After graduation, she joined ITDP in December 2013 as a Transportation Assistant. She loves listening to music, adventures and watching movies.

Faela Sufa | Deputy Country Director

More about Faela Sufa
Faela Sufa has been the Deputy Director of ITDP Indonesia since 2014. She has worked directly in around 8 countries and over 10 cities giving technical assistance on sustainable urban mobility mainly promoting non-motorized transportation and bus rapid transit systems, building strong relationships with a variety of stakeholders such as governments, private sectors, international financial institutions, and United Nations development agencies.
She holds a Master’s degree in Transport Planning and Engineering from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom (UK). Prior to ITDP, she worked as in transport planning and modeling at an international transport consultant firm at the Birmingham office of Mott MacDonald (UK). In this office, she developed her expertise mainly through highway and public transport modeling and demand forecasting. She also worked as a research assistant on road geometry design, road pavement, and public transport management at her alma mater, Gadjah Mada University.

Maulana Ichsan Gituri | Transportation Assistant

More about Maulana Ichsan Gituri

Maulana Ichsan Gituri is very passionate about urban transport, cities development issues, and creating livable cities through sustainable transportation. During his final year at college, Maulana became involved in some projects at GIZ Sustainable Urban Transport Improvement Project at Jakarta. After graduating from the University of Indonesia with a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, Maulana joined ITDP in August 2014 as a Transportation Assistant. Maulana loves running in marathons and on trails, creative writing, visual design, and traveling.

Deliani Siregar | Urban Planning Associate

More about Deliani Siregar

Deliani Siregar, who goes by Anggi, is an urban planner with a Bachelors degree in Engineering and Urban and Regional Planning from Gadjah Mada University. She is an urban enthusiast who has a strong passion for mobility and transportation affairs.  Anggi is responsible for the project coordination and field supervision of Jakarta’s non-motorized transportation (NMT) vision and design implementation until 2022. In the past, Anggi has contributed to many different projects, and built her expertise by providing TOD, NMT, and BRT plans and assessments for local sustainable mobility planners, reducing transport emissions in some Indonesian cities, helping provide cost estimation for BRT planning for Asian Development Bank (ADB), and providing alternative designs to support great walking and cycling environments throughout Jakarta.

In her spare time, Anggi loves to write. She is an author and has already published two books for kids and collaborated on several other fiction books. She is also a radio announcer and program director. Deliani Siregar joined the ITDP Indonesia staff in 2015.

Fani Rachmita | Senior Communications Associate

More about Fani Rachmita
Fani Rachmita graduated from The London School of Public Relations Jakarta with a degree in Mass Communications. She has 9 years of experience as a content writer, event organizer, marketing strategist, social media specialist, and PR officer. Before joining ITDP in 2016, she developed her expertise by managing, writing, and editing content in various lifestyle magazines in Jakarta for both press and online channels. At ITDP, Fani is in charge of handling all communication aspects for the organization’s field office (social media, weekly report, press, communication consultancy, marketing, events, etc.). She also leads the development of institutional relationships and communications with different stakeholders such as cities agencies, governments and municipalities, and transit operators such as BRT Transjakarta. Besides institutional affairs, Fani designs educational campaigns related to accessibility, transportation and urban affairs, applying communication, design, and data to change behavior in urban mobility dedicated to mass transit users, drivers, and/or pedestrians. Fani loves spending her spare time enjoying black coffee (with no sugar, please), watching TV, and looking for new gastronomic places or simply enjoying delicious food.

Wildan Abdurrahman | Urban Planning Associate

More about Wildan Abdurrahman

Wildan holds a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Gadjah Mada University. He joined with ITDP Indonesia in March 2016. Before joining ITDP, Wildan worked as a Technical Officer for South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Ministry of National Development Planning Indonesia. During his spare time, he loves vector design, photography, and making leather crafts.

Gandrie Ramadhan | Transport Associate

More about Gandrie Ramadhan

Gandrie Ramadhan is an Indonesian engineer who holds a Masters Degree in Transport Planning from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom (UK). His deep interest in public transport and land-use management inspired him to pursue a bachelors degree in civil engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology.

Recently, Gandrie has been working in Indonesia, Pakistan, Timor Leste, and Malaysia, providing technical assistance in planning, monitoring & evaluating BRT corridors & systems. His work also focuses on gradually increasing BRT ridership, refining cities’ master plans and developing direct service plans that provide integration and intermodality between different systems and buildings.

Before joining ITDP, Gandrie was involved in several projects and developed his expertise in traffic impact assessment and multimodal terminal planning. He loves cycling and uses his hybrid bike for his daily commute. He also has a folding bike and during the weekends looks for trails and off-road routes to ride on. Gandrie has worked at ITDP Indonesia since 2012.

Nisa Suhendar | Graphic Design Associate

More about Nisa Suhendar
Nisa Suhendar, is specialize in creating and support design for all material. Believe that design must support functionality, and vice versa.
After hold her bachelor degree in School of Design Animation from Binus University and had several work experiences, Nisa finally realize that she have high passion in great product and love the process in developing and branding the product. Since she was a public transportation user in over the years, so she glad to be a part of the team in ITDP, together with the same mission to build the best transportation system around the world.

Hanna Pertiwi | Transport Associate 

More about Hanna Pertiwi

Hanna joined the fast-track program from ITB, then received her bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at 2014. She got her master degree in Transport Engineering at 2015. During her college years, she joined her lecturer’s research project about airport pavement, planning and management. After graduated, she worked in a company that planning about LRT in Bandung. By following her passion about public transportation, she got the opportunity to be a part of the ITDP team at September 2016. She loves travelling and watching movie in her spare time.

Ciptaghani Antasaputra | Transport Associate

More about Ciptaghani Antasaputra

Ciptaghani Antasaputra, or usually called Ghani. Holds first bachelor degree at Parahyangan Catholic University as civil engineering and continued his master degree at the University of Leeds as a transport planning. Following his interest in transportation policy and engineering, he joined with ITDP Indonesia in April 2016. During the spare time, he loves spent time for playing soccer, do some traveling and photography.

Aji Afdal | Office Support

More about Aji Afdal

Aji joined ITDP in 2007 and has been working as Office Support ever since. He manages the needs of all ITDP Indonesia staffs from errands to logistic. In the spare time he loves to have a touring on his beloved motorcycle.


Bernardo BarandaBernardo Baranda | Regional Director, Latin America

More about Bernardo Baranda

In his more than 10 years of professional experience, Bernardo has been involved in urban sustainable mobility projects working in the private and non-governmental sectors. He is one of the founding members of Bicitekas an urban cycling advocacy group in Mexico City.

Bernardo holds master’s degrees in Transport Engineering from IHE-TU in Delft, The Netherlands, and in Management and Implementation of Development Projects from UMIST in Manchester, United Kingdom. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). In his spare time, he enjoys sports, reading novels and traveling.

Veronica OrtizVerónica Ortiz Cisneros | Communications and Development Director

More about Verónica Ortiz Cisneros

Verónica is responsible for generating communication strategies and alliances that promote the organization’s initiatives. She has a degree in Communication Studies and ten years experience in both broadcasting and public relations. Verónica’s focus is on cultural projects and communication initiatives that represent a positive transformation in the inhabitant’s quality of life. Verónica has been a founding member of the Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporáneo (International Contemporary Cinematography Festival) of Mexico City, Communications Director at the Festival de Mexico, and Director of the broadcasting and programming area of the Cineteca National (National Film Archive).

Angelica MoraAngelica Mora | Administrative Assistant

More about Angelica Mora

Results oriented, Angelica has 25 years of experience in developing and implementing strategies that help companies grow and prosper. Angelica enjoys learning about people, culture, and the natural environment.

Ulises NavarroUlises Navarro | Public Transport Director for Latin America

More about Ulises Navarro

With almost thirty years of experience working in transport, Ulises started his career studying Transit and Road Engineering at IUPFAN University, in Venezuela. For the last twenty years he has been convinced about the necessity of transforming transport, promoting public, massive and non motorized options and restricting the use of automobiles. He joined ITDP in 2012. Previously, he participated as a counselor for ITDP and at numerous projects of public transportation, urban planning and regional planning. Ulises has a masters degree in urban and transport planning and a doctorate in civil engineering specialized in transport, from Nebraska-Lincoln University.

Laura RuizLaura Ruiz | Administration and Finance Coordinator

More about Laura Ruiz

Laura studied Tourism and Hospitality in Zacatecas, Mexico, and has twelve years of experience working in both fields. Laura also has eight years of administrative experience, and has worked for the board of trustees at a private assistance institution in the medical industry. She is convinced about the importance of nature for the wellbeing of humanity. This is why she promotes the environmental conservation and enjoys outdoor activities likes hiking, cycling and swimming. She joined ITDP to be the administration and finance coordinator in 2012.



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