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American cities present both common and unique challenges for sustainable transport and development. The US, famously the world’s largest car market for many decades, is the source of many of the car-oriented policies that have been exported to cities around the world, to the detriment of climate, health, and social equity. Today, however, many US cities are also demonstrating that change is possible.

US cities, from Nashville to San Francisco, have thrown out parking minimums and replaced them with parking maximums. Cities such as Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh are redesigning streets to give priority to cyclists, increasing bus frequency and seeing ridership rise as a result, and planning and implementing quality BRT and LRT systems to meet growing demand for transport options beyond private cars. ITDP US is providing guidance and support to cities such a Boston, where residents are seeing the benefits of bus improvements, as the region moves closer to implementing full Bus Rapid Transit.

Boston Area Bus Pilots Move Region Closer to BRT from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.


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