Southeast Asia

In 2002, ITDP began work in Indonesia’s capital and largest city, Jakarta. ITDP helped to secure political support for bus rapid transit (BRT) through a combination of working with international experts and local NGOs. Since then, ITDP has continued to provide technical support for the city’s BRT system, TransJakarta, which opened in 2004.

TransJakarta represents a breakthrough for Asia as the region’s first full BRT system with true BRT features such as physically separated bus-only lanes, at-level boarding platforms, pre-paid ticketing. Based on the success of TransJakarta in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ITDP is currently giving technical assistance to the local government of DKI Jakarta in order to increase the ridership of TransJakarta buses. In addition to BRT, ITDP is also working on major issues in Indonesia such as Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) and Transport Demand Management (TDM). Our programs include Transjakarta station expansion and direct service planning; greenways and bike sharing for better accessibility; and Parking Reform.