Topic: Cycling and Walking

A resource for cities to design, plan, implement and measure the success of a bikeshare system Over the past decade, bikeshare has contributed significantly to sustainable mobility in cities: providing first-last kilometer solutions, replacing short trips made by car, and offering a unique way for residents and visitors to explore their surroundings, among other benefits….

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Walkability is a crucial first step in creating sustainable transportation in an urban environment. It’s the most common form of transport in the world. We all do it a little differently but it is our most common way to travel. Walking is immediate, carbon free, and free.  A shift to walkable communities is a shift to…

Desde que el automóvil hizo su aparición hace unos 100 años, y su posterior masificación en las ciudades latinoamericanas en los últimos 50 años, el diseño de nuestras ciudades y calles ha sido adaptado de forma incremental para favorecer el acceso y movilidad de los vehículos motorizados, especialmente el automóvil particular. Por ello estamos presenciando actualmente el desarrollo…

Letter from the CEO: Putting Pedestrians First Healthy, Equitable, Environmental Cities Transforming Our World with New Sustainable Development Goals In Yichang, China, A New BRT Connects the City A Sustainable Smart Future: New Transport Investments Tool Shows Indian Cities the Way Forward Changing Direction: Walking and Cycling in African Cities How to Enjoy the City…


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