Topic: Cycling and Walking

This issue of the Sustainable Transport magazine reflects on the far reaching impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the global community – and, more importantly, the many ways that cities and communities, like Jakarta, Indonesia, winner of the Sustainable Transport Award in 2021,  have shown strength and resilience in the face of uncertainty. Take…

Cycling is a powerful tool to improve transportation, increase access, and enhance the quality of life in cities around the world. People in cities that prioritize cycling see huge benefits, from faster commutes and easy connections to public transit, to improved air quality and health. But for many cities where few trips are currently made…

In this vibrant issue of the Sustainable Transport magazine, we reflect on ITDP’s 35th anniversary, see how Pune is leading India towards a sustainable future, discuss how we’re tackling climate change around the world, and so much more! Letter from the CEO: As ITDP Turns 35, Climate Change Is Accelerating. Fortunately, So Is Political Will….

Shared and electric micromobility are helping cities tackle the climate crisis. ITDP’s report, The Electric Assist: Leveraging E-bikes and E-scooters for More Livable Cities, provides a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and risks posed by e-bikes and e-scooters, as well as recommendations for how cities can link electric micromobility to sustainable transport goals and expand the…

A resource for cities to design, plan, implement and measure the success of a bikeshare system Over the past decade, bikeshare has contributed significantly to sustainable mobility in cities: providing first-last kilometer solutions, replacing short trips made by car, and offering a unique way for residents and visitors to explore their surroundings, among other benefits….

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