Source: Flickr CC US Department of State Office of Science and Technology With a vibrant mix of cultures and a reputation as a culinary paradise, Medan, Indonesia is a must-see destination for many travelers in Southeast Asia. On the streets, residents of Indonesia’s fourth largest city mingle with tourists on their way to visit the…

  Ten years after the system first launched, TransJakarta continues to expand and improve its services for all of Jakarta’s citizens. Through new routes to high-income areas and plans for increased accessibility in low-income areas, TransJakarta aims to maximize the benefits of BRT by creating a system that meets the diverse needs of city residents….

Estación Constitución and its adjacent plaza in Buenos Aires host more than a million pedestrians a day. As the city’s busiest transportation hub, the station connects 34 bus lines, 7 commuter trains and the Subte Metro, Line C. Along with Estación Retiro, another major transportation hub, Estación Constitución recently underwent a series of renovations to…


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