Women On Wheels: A Study of Gender and Cycling in Chinese Cities

March 2023

We know that there persists a gender gap in cycling that prevents women from choosing cycling as a primary transport mode in many regions of the world, whether it is due to personal safety concerns, economic factors, or lack of basic infrastructure. Through the global Cycling Cities campaign and the work of our regional teams, ITDP is committed to promoting cycling policies and infrastructure that makes cycling more accessible, inclusive, and safer for everyone.

In 2021 and 2022, ITDP China conducted several cycling-related projects in three different cities. Beijing and Guangzhou, as cities with varying cycling infrastructure, and Nanning, as the city with the highest number of e-bikes in China, were surveyed. Through volume counts at 45 locations within these cities, ITDP found that less than 30% of the cyclists were women. To understand the cycling challenges that women and girls currently face, ITDP collected data through self-conducted surveys, individual interviews, and other engagement methods. To read the findings, analysis, and recommendations, download the “Women On Wheels” report available in English and Chinese.

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Women On Wheels


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