Sustainable Transport Magazine (Issue No. 35)

December 2023

The 2023 issue of the Sustainable Transport Magazine has been re-designed and re-imagined, offering readers a dynamic, in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities to sustainable urban mobility in today’s world. From issues of gender and race to the power of transport digitalization, to the impacts of human-centered design, the content in Issue No. 35 draws on the experiences and perspectives of ITDP’s international teams and partners. A preview of what’s inside:

Global Perspectives
A World of Transformation
  • Fostering Sustainable, Accessible African Cities Through Transit-Oriented Development
  • The Intersection of Gender, Race, and Mobility in Brazil
  • Towards A Low-Carbon Future for Yichang, China
  • India Needs More Compact, Electrified Cities to Meet Climate Goals
  • How Indonesian Cities Are Prioritizing Inclusive Public Transport
  • Ideamos: Piloting Innovative and Data-Driven Mobility Solutions
  • Bringing Comfort and Joy to Public Transit with Human-Centered Design
ITDP’s Reading List
  • New Resources and Publications in 2023

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ST Magazine 2023 No 35 Cover


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