Achieving a Zero-Emission Area in Los Angeles: A Planning Guide

April 2022

The climate crisis is real – we must act immediately. Transportation, including personal vehicles and freight, accounts for 40 percent of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Los Angeles and is a top contributor to air pollution. This is a planning guide for the City of Los Angeles which explores opportunities to address urgent climate and equity issues through the creation and implementation of a zero-emission area (ZEA).

In 2017, the Mayor of Los Angeles signed C40’s Green and Healthy Streets Declaration, which includes a commitment to establish a major area of the city as zero-emission by 2030. A ZEA in Los Angeles would combat climate change by making it easier and faster for people using transit, driving clean cars, biking, scooting, or walking to get around. A ZEA would also create positive health benefits by decreasing air pollution and making streets safer for walking and rolling.


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