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  • [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility

    [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility
    Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12pm EST Webinar Recording   More on the Indicators Indicators for Sustainable Mobility Presentation As Climate Change Escalates, US Cities Fail to Provide Car Alternatives   About the Webinar As cities seek to improve their transportation systems to make them more sustainable, equitable, and useful for people, it is critical that they first understand how their system performs.  To that ...
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  • ITDP Announces New CEO Heather Thompson

    ITDP Announces New CEO Heather Thompson
    We are pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Thompson as our new chief executive officer. Ms. Thompson, who has been serving in the role of interim CEO since February, was selected by the ITDP board of directors after an extensive, international search. Her transition to permanent CEO is ongoing, and will be effective October ...
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  • Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years

    Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years
    Bus rapid transit has grown by 383 percent in the last ten years, according to new data released by ITDP. As cities around the world discover the benefits and cost effectiveness of BRT, they have built hundreds of systems across dozens of countries that qualify as true BRT. A new interactive map shows a comprehesive ...
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  • ITDP Releases New Study on Climate Change Ahead of UN Climate Summit

    ITDP Releases New Study on Climate Change Ahead of UN Climate Summit
    As world leaders gather for the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit on September 23rd, ITDP and the University of California, Davis, have released a new report on the impact of transportation emissions on our climate future. According to the new study, more than USD$100 trillion in cumulative public and private spending could be saved, and ...
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  • Enrique Peñalosa Inspires Change in South Africa

    The three-hour conference was well attended by high-level officials from many relevant decision-making authorities. Former Mayor of Cape Town and long-time cycling advocate Frank van der Velde said that for the first time in 20 years he had witnessed a gathering of all of the relevant individuals and authorities from the City, Transport and Planning. ...
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  • China Cancels Metro Projects, Citing High Costs

    Subway lines built over the last decade in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou cost an average of US$72 million to US$96 million per kilometer. Shanghai also recently opened its US$1.6 billion magnetic levitation train, which runs from a new international airport into the city. Despite the announcement, officials from Guangzhou told local press they intend to go ...
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  • Stopping the Downward Spiral of Derelict Land: The Story of Sternberk

    Recognizing that the legacy of communist planning and the transition to a capitalist economy have left a remarkably large amount of derelict land in many Central European towns, ITDP has worked to remove the barriers to recycling this land. Without intervention, this land will remain as “holes” in city centers, even as new development pushes ...
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  • Enrique Peñalosa Inspires Change in Senegal

    During the meeting, President Wade said he is eager to demonstrate a successful replication of Bogotá‘s success in Africa by making Dakar an example in sustainable urban transport. President Wade is responsible for implementation of the Transports, Energy and Environment sectors for the New Partnership for African Development, a coalition of African Heads of State, ...
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  • Bicycle Use Soars in Buenos Aires: Can Argentina Turn Adversity Into Opportunity?

    In November, the city opened ten new kilometers of preferential bicycle lanes on two avenues leading downtown from the east and west. Open from 7am to 9pm, the lanes are marked off with white paint and signs are located on every block. Although motorized traffic is allowed in the lanes, preference is given to cyclists ...
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  • Enrique Peñalosa Inspires Change Across Africa

    The tour saw many concrete successes, including plans to build Bus Rapid Transit and Cycleway systems, Accra’s first public bicycle ride and the public announcement of the cancellation of a major freeway project in Cape Town. But more importantly, attendees were converted to Enrique Peñalosa’s vision of sustainable and equitable planning. Peñalosa’s words were so inspiring ...
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  • Bogotá Shares Urban Revolution with the World

    In just a few years, innovative planning transformed Bogotá, Colombia into the world’s leading model for sustainable urban design. The once polluted and congested city, where many people were unable to reach vital destinations, now has one of the world’s most efficient and accessible transportation networks. The Seminar will allow international visitors—many from cities that ...
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  • Enrique Peñalosa Inspires Change in Ghana

    After the successful caravan event, Enrique Peñalosa and ITDP representatives met with Accra Mayor Solomon Darko. During an eventful discussion, ideas erupted about how to improve quality of life and mobility for Accra residents. The following day, the Building a New City Conference opened with an introduction by Abass Awolu. Other distinguished guests included Deputy Minister ...
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  • Tolling starts on the Trans-Israel Highway … Sort of

    Travel was free on the Highway for the first months, despite the fact that tolls will be used to pay for the road’s construction. This was to ramp up the fully automated tolling system, but was also supposed to serve as a “marketing device.” The free opening was an unusual move, however, as international experience ...
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  • World Bank to Sign Major Urban Transport Loan for Bombay

    The loan is an important first step after years of misdirected municipal government investments. Prior to this project, Mumbai’s major development was an elevated highway bisecting the city on which public transit vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists were banned. While NGOs in Mumbai have mixed feelings about the loan package, there is agreement on several areas ...
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