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In this video, we hear from a few Guangzhou BRT (China) riders about the difference the system has made to their lives since its opening in 2010. GZ BRT Stories from ITDP on Vimeo. All GZ BRT Stories: Guangzhou BRT Stories (Story 1) Guangzhou BRT Stories (Story 2) Guangzhou BRT Stories (Story 3)

We hear from a 6 year old about his experience riding the Guangzhou BRT with his dad and babysitter. GZ BRT Story 1 from ITDP on Vimeo.

We hear from 24 year old Sylvia about how the Guangzhou BRT system has helped her chase her dreams after recently moving to the city. GZ BRT Story 2 from ITDP on Vimeo.

We hear from a 50 year old Guangzhou (GZ) BRT rider about how the system has helped her gain back her independence when moving around the city. GZ BRT Story 3 from ITDP on Vimeo.


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