Location: Jakarta

Many of the world’s most important cities are expanding rapidly without adequate transportation planning. People Near Rapid Transit (PNT) measures the number of residents in a city who live within a short walking distance (1 km) of high-quality rapid transit. This is a good way to estimate accessibility and rapid transit coverage in large cities….

Presentation to Governor Fauzi Bowo on making TransJakarta a world class BRT system Download this presentation Source: ITDP Indonesia

Jakarta’s new bus rapid transit system, TransJakarta, opened on January 15, 2004. It has proved a dramatic success in providing faster bus service for some Jakarta residents at a very modest cost. Several technical aspects of the system can be improved, and incorporated into designs of additional corridors as they are built. These issues are outlined in Trans-Jakarta Bus…

The following report is a summary of the technical issues surrounding the implementation of the TransJakarta Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System, scheduled to open in January 2004. It was compiled by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, based on numerous visits by staff and technical consultants, between October 2002 and December of 2003. It was drafted for the following…


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