Location: Guangzhou

2 0 1 0 年广州市修建了1 0 0 0 多公里的绿 道,成为了广州市民休闲娱乐的新去处和 交通出行的新路径。对于广州市,这个项 目的意义却远远不止改善了居民生活的 品质,绿道还倡导了“绿色出行,低碳生 活”的新理念,给广州的市民及游客提供 了舒适便捷的出行方式,开创了城市交通 的新时代,走出了可持续交通的新篇章。I TDP二十年来一直致力于绿道及慢行系 统的研究,拥有世界顶级的专家团队。在 过去的一年里,I TDP致力于广东省绿道 的研究,基于I TDP团队的经验和在广东 省内广州市、东莞市、惠州市、阳江市的 工作,提出了适合广东省绿道的规划与设 计原则,希望省、市级领导能从中获取一 些灵感,并在未来绿道建设过程中有所帮 助。将广州的绿道建设成为广东省乃至全 国的可持续交通示范性工程。

Guangzhou, China opened its new 22.5-kilometer Bus Rapid Transit corridor in 2010. This is the first part of a report which is part of a longer-term monitoring and evaluation program for the Guangzhou BRT. This portion focuses primarily on the system’s impacts on CO2 and air pollution.

In the early 1980s, owning a motorcycle was equivalent in status terms to having an expensive imported car today. During the reform and opening‐up period in the 1980s, motorcycles gradually began to enter millions of households.  Faced with very rapid increases in the motorcycle vehicle fleet, the city perceived a number of problems associated with motorcycles. Due to…

Download image of rendering 1 Download image of rendering 2 Download image of rendering 3 Source: ITDP / GMTDC

The City of Guangzhou is seriously considering implementing a Bus Rapid Transit system and have asked for ITDP’s recommendations about the most appropriate initial corridor for such a system. ITDP has assessed potential BRT corridors and even with the current limited availability of data are able to make firm recommendations about the best initial BRT corridors in Guangzhou. All…


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