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  • [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility

    [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility
    Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12pm EST Webinar Recording   More on the Indicators Indicators for Sustainable Mobility Presentation As Climate Change Escalates, US Cities Fail to Provide Car Alternatives   About the Webinar As cities seek to improve their transportation systems to make them more sustainable, equitable, and useful for people, it is critical that they first understand how their system performs.  To that ...
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  • ITDP Announces New CEO Heather Thompson

    ITDP Announces New CEO Heather Thompson
    We are pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Thompson as our new chief executive officer. Ms. Thompson, who has been serving in the role of interim CEO since February, was selected by the ITDP board of directors after an extensive, international search. Her transition to permanent CEO is ongoing, and will be effective October ...
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  • Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years

    Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years
    Bus rapid transit has grown by 383 percent in the last ten years, according to new data released by ITDP. As cities around the world discover the benefits and cost effectiveness of BRT, they have built hundreds of systems across dozens of countries that qualify as true BRT. A new interactive map shows a comprehesive ...
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  • ITDP Releases New Study on Climate Change Ahead of UN Climate Summit

    ITDP Releases New Study on Climate Change Ahead of UN Climate Summit
    As world leaders gather for the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit on September 23rd, ITDP and the University of California, Davis, have released a new report on the impact of transportation emissions on our climate future. According to the new study, more than USD$100 trillion in cumulative public and private spending could be saved, and ...
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  • What Future for Iraqi Oil?

    As Iraq’s oil fields have been state-owned since the 1970s, through contracts to private Iraqi companies, decisions about renewal of such contracts will be determined by the new civilian authority under US Gen. Garner. It is currently unclear whether the Iraqi state oil company will be ‘privatized’, or whether new contracts will be restricted to ...
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  • Livingstone Discusses Expansion As Congestion Pricing Increases in Popularity

    Transport for London told ITDP that they are at the early stages of studying the technical feasibility of the plan, as well as the extension of the current congestion pricing zone in central London. A major consideration of the expansion, which would include most of the boroughs of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, is eliminating the 90% ...
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  • Seoul to Raze Elevated Highway, Giving Way to Revitalized City Center

    Fulfilling a central campaign promise, Seoul Mayor Lee Mung-Bak is moving forward with the restoration of a downtown riverfront­ tearing down an elevated highway and building a Bus Rapid Transit corridor. In office for only two months, Mayor Lee has wasted little time in announcing a new vision for Seoul and taking steps to see ...
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  • Sports Utility Vehicles, Pickups and Minivans Now 50% of US Vehicle Sales

    The vehicles on sale in the US this year are the heaviest vehicles on record since World War II. Cadillac is introducing a car weighing 6000 lbs, with 16 cylinders, and 1000 hp. More vehicles were sold in the US in the last two years than at any other time in history, over 17.2 million ...
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  • Air Pollution Data Available for Megacities of Asia

    The APMA project was initiated in November 2000 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the Korea Environment Institute (KEI) and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). The project aims to increase the capacity of governments and city authorities to deal with urban air pollution issues by ...
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  • First Car-Free Sunday Announced in Quito

    A management committee formed to oversee the promotion of cycleways in the city hopes Quito will be able to make the Ciclopaseo a monthly event. The decision follows a recent major conference on bicycling and walking in the city. The popularity of car-free Sundays is increasing in many cities around the world. In Bogotá, car-free Sundays ...
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  • Bus Rapid Transit to Africa: Cape Town Announces BRT and Bicycle Corridor

    “For ordinary people, many of whom live in remote parts of the city, and do not have easy access to economic opportunity, the implementation of the rapid bus transit system in the Klipfontein corridor will make a considerable difference to the quality of their lives,” added Cape Town Mayor, Nomaindia Mfeketo. Cape Town has identified the ...
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  • Experts Outline Benefits of Better Bus System

    Experts Outline Benefits of Better Bus System
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lisa Peterson, 212-629-8001, A group of international transportation experts arrived in last week to help Cape Town officials design a world-class bus system.  Many of the experts were involved in the planning and management of TransMilenio, the successful Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system built in Bogotá, Colombia, which has brought incredible improvements in ...
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  • Cycleways Are No Longer Just a Dream for Quito

    On Feburary 13 and 14, a seminar focused on cycleways as a viable transportation alternative in Quito was held for the first time. This event responds to a feeling of restlessness and frustration about the unsustainable situation of transportation in the city, to the lack of urban spaces for cyclists and to the need for ...
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  • Ahold Scandal Puts Focus on Corporate Accountability

    While the source of the accusations is an unsubstantiated anonymous letter, Dutch regulators are investigating the claims. While Ahold may not be found guilty of this type of wrongdoing, it is well known that large big-box retailers often cut corners in developing countries and transitional economies. ITDP has compiled dossiers on some of the worst offenders, which ...
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