ITDP datasets are used to inform our reports, scorings, and design projects. The data and outputs related to these tools is available for public use, with attribution. Please contact with any questions.


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  • [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility

    [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12pm EST Webinar Recording   More on the Indicators Indicators for Sustainable Mobility Presentation As Climate Change Escalates, US Cities Fail to Provide Car Alternatives   About the Webinar As cities seek to improve their transportation systems to make them more sustainable, equitable, and useful for people, it is critical that they first understand how their system performs.  To that ... Read More
  • Reclaiming the Streets of Fortaleza, Brazil (Issue 30)

    Reclaiming the Streets of Fortaleza, Brazil (Issue 30)In this vibrant issue of the Sustainable Transport magazine, we look forward to new leadership at ITDP, dive even deeper into the topic of women’s access to transit, explore progress and change in Fortaleza, learn about how transportation and early childhood development intersect, and much more! Letter from the CEO: New ITDP Leadership Embraces Old Values ... Read More
  • [WEBINAR] Urban Mobility in Brazil: Measures for Adaptation to Climate Change

    [WEBINAR] Urban Mobility in Brazil: Measures for Adaptation to Climate ChangeThursday, September 13, 2018 10am EST | 11am BRT   About the Webinar Building on a study conducted by ITDP Brazil in partnership with the Ministry of Cities, this webinar will discuss how urban mobility systems in Brazil face vulnerability to climate change. Clarisse Cunha Linke, Country Director of ITDP Brazil, will discuss climate change trends and projections for ... Read More
  • Smart Mobility and Open Data: A Global and Personal Perspective

    Smart Mobility and Open Data: A Global and Personal Perspectiveby Oliver O’Brien, Urbanist & Researcher, University College- London Oliver O’Brien is an urbanist and researcher in quantitative geography, at University College London. His specialties include spatial analytics of bikeshare systems across the world, and visualizing socio-economic data such as population demographics. Introduction Many major cities around the world are seeing rapid population growth, resulting in increased strain on existing ... Read More


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