Building Momentum: Reform Parking, Reduce Traffic

Part two of the Taming Traffic webinar series will focus on the critical role that parking management plays in urban traffic reduction. Parking management has long been overlooked by cities as a tool for reducing demand for private vehicles. However, on- and off-street parking reforms have been shown to reduce vehicle kilometers traveled and greenhouse gas emissions, increase parking turnover, and generate revenue.

In this webinar, panelists from two ITDP regional offices, China and Mexico, will share how pricing parking and other parking reforms reduces demand for private vehicle use and generates revenue to support sustainable transport improvements. We’ll discuss cities’ motivations for reforming on- and off-street parking, and their impacts on traffic, use of public space, and public perception of other traffic reduction strategies.

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About the Presenters

Dana Yanocha Senior Research Associate, ITDP Global

Dana Yanocha’s work includes research and analysis of trends in sustainable transportation and development. Dana is passionate about identifying connections between the social, economic, and environmental spheres of sustainable development, with a particular interest in providing guidance to cities to strengthen transportation networks, leverage emerging technology and innovations, and improve overall accessibility. Prior to joining ITDP in 2017, Dana worked for the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development in Chicago, and for Resources for the Future, an environmental economics think tank in Washington, DC. She holds an MA in Sustainable Urban Development from DePaul University and a BA in International Politics from Penn State University

Santiago Fernández Reyes Urban Development and Research Manager, ITDP Mexico

Santiago joined ITDP Mexico in 2018 as Urban Development Coordinator, where he supervises the office´s Transit Oriented Development strategy.  He holds a BA and an MSc in Economics from ITAM, and a Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His areas of interest are urban mobility systems and coordinated land use and transportation planning. He has collaborated with institutions related to transportation infrastructure, like the Department of Metropolitan Public Transport, in Santiago de Chile, and the World Resources Institute in Mumbai, India. Before joining ITDP, Santiago worked as a consultant for the Samuel Tak Lee Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab at MIT.

Liu Shaokun Vice Country Director, ITDP China

Shaokun Liu is the Vice Country Director of ITDP China Office focusing on sustainable transportation. He has been a team leader on greenway, parking and TDM project in several Chinese cities. He has also been working as a consultant with the Asian Development Bank and World Bank on many sustainable transportation projects in the region. He understands the challenges of parking in China and is avid about opportunities stemming from parking management and greenway projects. He is an author of the book: “Urban Greenway System Optimum Design” which looks at parking and greenway opportunities in China and South East Asia.


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