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Recent bus priority pilot projects in greater Boston have gained national prominence for the speed with which tactical interventions, such as trial morning peak dedicated lanes and temporary boarding platforms, boosted the rider experience. Planned and executed within 6-9 months in 2018, the pilots yielded enormously positive results, from speedier trips to improved reliability and increased comfort and safety. 

Cities across the U.S. are starting to recognize buses as a high impact solution to improve frequent transit and increase access to jobs and other destinations across a metropolitan region. In this webinar, the lessons from metro Boston will provide strategic insights into how any city working collaboratively with a local transit agency can demonstrate early results to make a convincing case for greater investment in bus service. Hosts Julia Wallerce, ITDP US and Jay Monty, City of Everett, will discuss how the pilot projects themselves can successfully inform the public process. 

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About the Presenters

Julia Wallerce Boston Program Manager, ITDP US

Julia supports multiple areas of engagement in ITDP’s Boston program, including the piloting of BRT elements along bus corridors in four municipalities. She previously served as Executive Director of MassCommute, a coalition advocating for TDM measures with 15 transportation management associations that represent over 350 businesses and 400,000 employees in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Julia is also Chair of the Transportation Advisory Committee in Winthrop, Massachusetts and serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of LivableStreets Alliance, an advocacy group that promotes innovative and equitable transport solutions in Metro Boston. Julia has a Master’s from Tufts University in Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Jay Monty Transportation Planner, City of Everett

Jay Monty is the lead Transportation Planner for the City of Everett having held the position since 2015. Jay is responsible for developing and carrying out the transportation vision of Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria that includes an efficient multi-modal transportation system and reduction in automobile dependence for City residents. Besides designing and implementing the “pop-up” bus lane that gained national attention in 2017, Jay is continuing to retro-fit Everett’s streets for better bus service with other elements of Bus Rapid Transit as well as managing the transportation partnership with Wynn resorts which implemented infrastructure improvements, Transportation Demand Management policies as well as bus and ferry service for patrons and employees. In addition to transit, Jay is working to implement high quality bicycle infrastructure including separated bike lanes on Everett’s major thoroughfares, extension of the Northern Strand Community Path and the implementation of bike sharing systems.

Prior to coming to the City of Everett, Jay was a transportation analyst at the USDOT Volpe Center and prior to that a highway engineer at the consulting firm VHB. Jay has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and M.A. in Urban Planning from Tufts University.


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