Type: Webinar

How can you make your city more walkable? ITDP’s new Pedestrians First interactive tools can help. During this webinar, we get into the details of what matters for walkability,  and how to use these new tools in your city.

Pune, India, received the 2020 Sustainable Transport Award for achievements in advancing budgetary policy and institutional reforms that transformed city streets, especially for pedestrians. During this webinar, speakers will highlight how over the past decade Pune has shown extraordinary commitments and progress to accelerating sustainable mobility projects, becoming a best practice for Indian cities.

While pandemics have always shaped our urban environments, COVID-19 has spurred discussions around the ‘end of city life’ and the role of density in healthy living. Although density enables an agglomeration of people, ideas, activities and services critical to urban life, many cities also suffer from overcrowding and poor living conditions. During this webinar, panelists…


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