Michael Replogle, Emeritus

Founder, ITDP & Former Deputy Commissioner for Policy, NYC DOT

Michael Replogle is the founder of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, and he has also served as ITDP’s President, and as Managing Director for Policy.  In those roles, he oversaw growth of ITDP to a staff of 80 and a budget of $10 million, enabling the organization to advance better urban public transport, walking, cycling, and planning world-wide.

Replogle was appointed Deputy Commissioner for Policy in June 2015. As manager of DOT’s Policy Team, he develops strategy and advises the Commissioner and City Hall on a broad array of transportation issues to advance the OneNYC sustainability agenda of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Key team initiatives include development of an agency-wide strategic plan, Vision Zero efforts to eliminate road-crash related deaths and serious injuries, freight and parking strategy, climate change mitigation and resiliency, and shared mobility. Other initiatives include intelligent transportation systems, engagement with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Port Authority, federal policy and grants, and support for the City’s neighborhood development plans.

Replogle is co-founder and board chair of the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) Foundation, which links multilateral development banks (MBDs), UN agencies, and NGOs. With SLoCaT, he helped foster and monitor implementation of a $175 billion commitment for more sustainable transport from the 8 largest MDBs and to mainstream sustainable transport in global climate and sustainable development policy.

As Transportation Director for the Environmental Defense Fund, Replogle shaped transportation laws and advised governments on city planning, transport management and finance, and environmental analysis, including extensive work in metropolitan New York. He also held a prior government position in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he was responsible for comprehensive planning, travel forecasting, and growth management. He holds undergraduate civil engineering and sociology degrees and an MSE in civil and urban engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.


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