Topic: Public Transport

In this vibrant issue of the Sustainable Transport magazine, we look forward to new leadership at ITDP, dive even deeper into the topic of women’s access to transit, explore progress and change in Fortaleza, learn about how transportation and early childhood development intersect, and much more! Letter from the CEO: New ITDP Leadership Embraces Old…

A resource for cities to design, plan, implement and measure the success of a bikeshare system Over the past decade, bikeshare has contributed significantly to sustainable mobility in cities: providing first-last kilometer solutions, replacing short trips made by car, and offering a unique way for residents and visitors to explore their surroundings, among other benefits….

In the 7th year since the Guangzhou BRT (China) opened, we hear from a couple of its riders about the difference the system has made to their lives thus far.

Many of the world’s most important cities are expanding rapidly without adequate transportation planning. People Near Rapid Transit (PNT) measures the number of residents in a city who live within a short walking distance (1 km) of high-quality rapid transit. This is a good way to estimate accessibility and rapid transit coverage in large cities….

Letter from the CEO: Putting Pedestrians First Healthy, Equitable, Environmental Cities Transforming Our World with New Sustainable Development Goals In Yichang, China, A New BRT Connects the City A Sustainable Smart Future: New Transport Investments Tool Shows Indian Cities the Way Forward Changing Direction: Walking and Cycling in African Cities How to Enjoy the City…


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