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  • [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility

    [WEBINAR] Indicators For Sustainable Mobility
    Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12pm EST Webinar Recording   More on the Indicators Indicators for Sustainable Mobility Presentation As Climate Change Escalates, US Cities Fail to Provide Car Alternatives   About the Webinar As cities seek to improve their transportation systems to make them more sustainable, equitable, and useful for people, it is critical that they first understand how their system performs.  To that ...
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  • ITDP Announces New CEO Heather Thompson

    ITDP Announces New CEO Heather Thompson
    We are pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Thompson as our new chief executive officer. Ms. Thompson, who has been serving in the role of interim CEO since February, was selected by the ITDP board of directors after an extensive, international search. Her transition to permanent CEO is ongoing, and will be effective October ...
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  • Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years

    Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years
    Bus rapid transit has grown by 383 percent in the last ten years, according to new data released by ITDP. As cities around the world discover the benefits and cost effectiveness of BRT, they have built hundreds of systems across dozens of countries that qualify as true BRT. A new interactive map shows a comprehesive ...
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  • ITDP Releases New Study on Climate Change Ahead of UN Climate Summit

    ITDP Releases New Study on Climate Change Ahead of UN Climate Summit
    As world leaders gather for the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit on September 23rd, ITDP and the University of California, Davis, have released a new report on the impact of transportation emissions on our climate future. According to the new study, more than USD$100 trillion in cumulative public and private spending could be saved, and ...
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  • CNG Bus Conversion Still in a Jam

    A more recent study by the Center for Science and Environment updated the estimate to one person dying every 53 minutes due to air pollution. In a commendable attempt to reduce this air pollution, the Indian Supreme Court ruled on July 28, 1998 that all eight-year-old buses and pre-1990 three wheelers and taxis would have to ...
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    In conjunction with the Central London pricing scheme, the Mayor introduced 200 new buses to be added to the current transportation system, adding 10,000 extra seats. The program, expected to begin on February 17, 2003, will charge 5 pounds for cars to enter the capitol’s inner ring road. More will be charged for heavy goods vehicles. ...
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    As part of ITDP’s efforts to accelerate the “civilizing” of out-of-town retail, Yaakov Garb recently spoke at a major regional conference in Vienna on the Future of Retail in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. He summarized some of the international findings on the impact of out-of-town retail, including on city center shops, and presented ITDP’s ...
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  • Light Rail vs. BRT: Showdown in Panama City

    In 2001, a French government-sponsored study concluded, unsurprisingly, that a French-built light rail system was the answer to Panama City’s traffic woes. The study dismissed bus rapid transit as being inadequate for Panama City’s capacity needs, claiming busways are only capable of moving 6,000 passengers per hour per direction, while Panama City needs to move ...
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  • Taking the “Car” out of Cartagena

    In December 2001, Mayor Carlos Diaz Redondo initiated the pedestrianization experiment, hoping to rid the narrow, colonial-era streets of congestion, noise, and toxic air emissions. During the experiment, auto access was still allowed for residents and emergency vehicles, and for truck deliveries from 4:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the morning. Non-motorized deliveries are ...
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  • MIDDLE EAST UPDATE: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

    JERUSALEM’S NEW LIGHT RAIL PROJECT IMPEDED BY POLITICAL TURMOIL An international tender for the project has also been hampered. It seems that some of the companies that expressed in interest in putting in a bid for this $400 million project were dissuaded by Arab countries threatening to boycott bidders. Only two companies will submit competitive bids; ...
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    As a result of a popular support from a 2000 referendum, the Bogotá‘s Car Free Day is now an annual fixture for the city’s 7-million inhabitants. During this day, privately-owned vehicles are restricted, leaving the streets to transit-users, cyclists, and pedestrians. The 850,000 private automobiles in Bogotá are the transport means for just 14 percent ...
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    But the benefits of these measures are overshadowed by the planned construction of the fourth and fifth ring roads. The fourth ring road will be called Olympic Boulevard, and will contain 8 lanes, 147 flyovers, and connections to seven major expressways. The government plans to connect every community with 50,000 people or more to a ...
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  • Tools for Halting the Spread of Hypermarkets Outside Western European Cities

    Tools for Halting the Spread of Hypermarkets Outside Western European Cities
    Legislative Tools for Preserving Town Centres and Halting the Spread of Hypermarkets and Malls Outside of Cities:  Land Use Legislation and Controls of Conflicts of Interest in Land Use Decision Making Throughout Europe, the past few decades have been characterized by retail sprawl — the spread of hypermarkets and of large shopping malls outside of city centers, undermining the traditional ...
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  • Cuenca Gets on the Bus (Issue 12, 2001)

    Cuenca Gets on the Bus (Issue 12, 2001)
    Letter from the Executive Director: Wal-Mart Goes Global • Chile: “Living City” Battles Santiago Highway • Recycling Central Europe’s Urban Wastelands • World Leaders Pedal Sustainable Transport at UN • Cuenca, Ecuador: Secondary City, Primary Vision • India: Bumpy Road to Cleaner Vehicles • Corporate Welfare or Livable Communities?: Rerouting US Foreign Aid • Africa’s Bike Dealers Hold Keys to Livable Cities • ...
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